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About Comcore

Comcore Optical Sensing Technologies Co., Ltd. Shanghai, China was wholly owned subsidiary of Comcore Technologies with headquarter in Silicon Valley, United States. Comcore Technologies was founded by Chinese-American Dr. Huang Yong and his team as a leading expert in the world in optical devices industry. And focused on providing world-class optical devices, owned customers in more than 20 developed countries, and contributed in high-end instrumentation, aerospace, various types of detection and many other areas of scientific and technological development.

Comcore Optical Sensing Technologies Co., Ltd. was always concerned and supported smart electric power grid development. As integrated mature products, elite team, and achievements of Comcore Technologies, Inc. during the past 25 years, successfully developed and produced the FOCT. Thus, Comcore Optical Sensing Technologies was the first company in the world utilized its own independently developed special current sensing fiber to realized and produced FOCTs; the first company in the world breakthrough the challenge of the so-called quarter-wave plate processing consistency; and also the first company in the world passed the SGCC Electric Power Research (Wuhan) Institute test with flexible current sensing fiber FOCT. And supported construction to China Smart Grid, and provided a strong support Green Industry.

Comcore Technologies was founded by Chinese-American Dr. Huang Yong. Dr. Huang Yong is the world's leading experts in optical components industry; focused on optical fiber and devices research since 1987; obtained his Ph.D. by followed Chinese Academy of Sciences Fellow Professor Huang Hongjia and Professor Lin Zongqi from Shanghai Jiaotong University; So far published more than 40 journal papers; Achieved 7 patents in US. and nearly 20 patents in China. Dr. Huang Yong was named Outstanding Entrepreneur of the invention in Shanghai; awarded a number of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the National Economic Commission and SME Innovation Fund.

Since 2009, Dr. Huang Yong has led his R&D team, combined with their past 30 years accumulated achievements in optical fiber technology and rich experience in optoelectronic devices area, established to develop FOCT project in high-voltage transmission system field and awarded National 863 major projects funded. In 2011, successfully developed and published their core materials - high-birefringence elliptical-polarization maintaining fiber. This achievement with independent intellectual property rights was the first time simultaneously to solve four major technical challenges within global industries: the processing consistency, temperature compensation, anti-vibration and long-term aging issues. Under Dr. Huang and his team’s effort, Comcore FOCT reached the leading level in the field in the world.